Piano Lessons from the Pros

  • Learn to be creative:

    Stimulate your imagination while having fun. We encourage our students to play in public wherever they feel comfortable – a piano recital, volunteering at a nursing home, playing for family and friends, performing in a show at school, jamming with other musicians, recording an original piece.

  • The quickest way to start is to jump in with both feet:

    Call to reserve your lesson time. We’ll discuss you or your child’s interests and lay out the process of learning. We’ll show you how we will teach you or your child to play the piano. Lessons are generally scheduled as a half hour once a week for children or an hour every other week for adults.

  • Some teachers teach the way people learned in the 17th century:

    We teach with contemporary methods in an environment of relaxation and fun. Some Atlanta studios are owned by big corporations that farm students out to a variety of teachers with different skill levels. We have a small, hand-picked group of instructors who are thoroughly trained, continue to study their craft, and are accomplished pianists and keyboardists.

  • Piano studios differ:

    We give only private lessons, one-on-one interaction between teacher and student. The results are faster rates of learning, much faster than the group lessons the high-volume piano schools offer.

  • Piano or electronic keyboards:

    Some people prefer to learn on an electronic keyboard instead of a piano. That’s fine. Learning is the same on both. If you don’t own an instrument, we can advise you on all aspects of your purchase.

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